” something of meaning”

It seemed as if we lived through eons before we learned to write…

We seemed to be driven to wander or search for someone missing…

An ache that would not go away as if it were an adiction…

A very old woman in my village shared this with me…

“ I have witnessed within you, what I felt many times. “

“ A yearning to fill a hole within your soul. “

“ You will never be happy, or content until you find her. “

“ The one you seek is not within our village. “

“ You must find her, if not in this life then the next. “

“ You must learn to leave each others messages  “

“ A precious stone, a shard of pottery, something of meaning “

“ Given by the one who passes first “

She was a very wise woman, something in her eyes I understood…

It is so much easier now, that we can share a poem “

Leaving a line or a word, describing a place or a feeling we shared “

We will feel a moment, one in which our knees will want to buckle… 

A feeling of great relief, our eureka moment…

It has become our obsession… 

First to find, and then to leave behind…


photo by David Dubnitskiy via Pinterest

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