” as I whispered her name “

With cup in hand, I ventured out into the first,

cold morning of Autumn…

I felt the her cold breath upon my neck,

as a murder took flight…

With a fluttering of mostly auburn leaves,

like the color of her hair…

As I moseyed around the little trails,

worned into the forest around me…

Listening to the chatter of the wooly tails,

while a breeze whispered in her voice…

There was a time when I thought it was,

a game within my mind…

Yet time and time again, I was direct away,

from one person and towards another…

She still visits and makes herself known,

during her last visit I woke to a sound…

I witnessed her movement stopping,

as I whispered her name…

I would later remember a song from my distant past…

“ you might waken to a sound “

“ of something moving past “

“ your window in the wind “

Elusive Butterfly – Lyrics – Bob Lind


Via Pinterest

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