” find your way home “

There are times when you come across 

one that can not be ridden. 

There are times when you learn that one,

only wants one rider.

With everything happening around you 

whose eyes do you want to see?

It’s not who do find in your dreams,

iwho you go searching for 

when you close your eyes.

Who do you want to dance with in the rain

Whose arms do you want to wake up in,

and when the lights go down.

Whose hands do you want reading 

every line 

every curve.

Whose lips will be kissing every inch 

you want to show them in the light.

And when you reach out 

and there is no one there.

Do you smell the coffee brewing 

can barely see the dawn’s early light.

And when the storm passed.

who did you go looking for?

And who turned the light on 

so you could find your way home.


#horses, #riders, #lovers,

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