“ butterfly kisses “

We were stirred by the sounds of those ancient 

drums as the curtain swayed and scent of 

a long overdo rain filled the room followed by 

the slightest chill.

She snuggled in close as the butterfly kisses 

caressed my bare chest followed by her 

soft kisses that slowly aroused me ever so lovely.

As her passion engulfed us the curtain swayed 

again the tempo grew louder as she became 

wrapped in my arms as our dueling began 

in rhythm to the torrent of Nature.

The lightning flashes igniting the rapture releasing 

the entwined passion that twisted our hearts, 

our  souls, our minds into one. 

The Belmont layed finished amidst our heaving 

chests and pounding hearts a few more 

butterfly kisses followed by more soft kisses 

and her ever so lovely smile.

Amidst the flashes as the curtain swayed 

in the pounding rhythm of Nature.


#writingprompt, #thunder, #rain, #love

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