” a realm without love “

It began with sounds as if something was moved, 

disturbed as if bumped into…

Like that scene in the movie with the ripples 

in a glass of water…

You know something had to be the cause, 

“for every cause there is an effect”…

Perchance they mere echos from the Id, thoughts 

and memories buried so deep their sounds are 

being distorted merely by a ripple in the fabric 

of space and time…

When the past is heard and felt in the present 

altering the future creating forks that 

were not there yesterday…

At the very end of a very long corridor a door 

a very old door ornately carved and very large 

built with a purpose, 

built to last 

and the sounds are coming from behind it… 

Each ripple disturbing the dust

between the ripples a series of storms…

A sound, like that of glass breaking,

the door now a wall of dust, a shape emerging…

A old friend from times long passed 

he has not aged all that well  

he appears to be thirsty and hungry 

he was reared and fed on love…

He has gone without for sometime, 

he hunger 

he thirsts 

he desires…

He has returned 

he refuse to die

he refuse to live 

in a realm without love…

Creative Commons, artist unclear or unknown

#realms, #dimensions, #sounds, #love

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