” I have loved them all “

Through the years I have always always been 

amazed by His creations.

The beauty of all the various forms of life.

And above all of His creations it is you and 

you alone that I have found to be the most 

marvelous of all.

I remember the early years when the color 

of your hair rivaled the leaves of Autumn 

come late in September and then my Dear 

there are the hills of October.

I remember the later years the blonde ones 

and always you’re Intoxicating Poison 

and wanting to take you right then and there.

I remember the year you allowed the color to 

fade into the salt and pepper another of 

your beautiful periods of my life with you.

And now into our mature years together 

I do believe this platinum look to be the 

most desirable look I have seen,

And of the photos I have seen from that 

toe headed little girl until now and 

I have loved them all.

August 18, 2018

#hair styles, # gray hair, # palatium hair

Creative Commons via Pinterest

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