” Black Cats and Black Capes “

She has this way about her 

a gift others feared has they had 

her Mother and her Mother’s Mother

All learned in the ways of plants and animals

a gift to heal the sick be it man or animal 

Shun in public and sought after in the dark 

when prying eyes could not see

Her beauty drew men those filled with lust 

and desires that went unfulfilled 

She drew the irrer of women who envied 

her gifts and beauty even the way in which 

a bird or injured animal would allow her 

to hold them and comfort them

Fear is often fed by jealousies and enviness 

of those gifted in the ways of Nature

Blinded by their own insecurities they 

can not see the good as their fear conjures 

lies and more and more hate.

Black Cats and Black Capes do not make 

for evil witches, dark hearts and hate do.

#Dark Fantasy, # witches, #hate, #evil witches

Creative Commons via Pinterest

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