Winds Of October

I walked out amidst
the ebbing winds of

To the sounds of
crackling freckles

My mind awash
as the the past
rushes into the

Through images
of moments enjoyed
in the winds of

When the leaves
first sang in envy
to the colors of
her hair

How the crisp winds
of Autumn could be
replaced by the
warmth of her kiss

The sparkle in her eyes
that have not faded
since our souls touched

In that intimate moment
others only dream of
the ones they write
sonnets about
the ones they
can only imagine

When I look up into
the Heavens and
remember holding hands
as we watched from afar
the birth of Terra

From the birth of her Sun
through the centuries that
past as we traveled
to be here

To walk through the
first of her seasons

And our first kiss
upon her virgin soil

I know longer dwell
upon the sorrows
the tears we have
shared over one another

I find myself lost in
anticipation of her
kiss the sheer pleasure
of her lips upon mine

Their warmth in the
crisp Autumn air

And the knowledge
we shall be together
and again
and again
forever more.

October 30, 2016

image from Pinterest

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