From the journal of Prince Edward, heir to the Throne of England.

It is June 27, 1604 in the year of Our Lord.
During the reign of King Charles l st.
My journal entry on this day.
Comes from a very compelling even overwhelming dream.
That has left me physically shaken even drained.
This is an account of events beginning with.
My eyes burning in the morning light.
My body ached from another sleepless night.
My nanny and her husband one of my tutors.
Often told me tales about being in someone’s dream.
And that was the cause of my not being able to sleep.
The Royal Priest blamed it on Witchcraft and the followers of Satan.
I know they have names for what she is.
And how she seduces men while they sleep.
And yet night after night, I leave the window open a mere space,
no bigger than my little finger.
Allowing her to come and go, knowing of the tales sweeping through
the streets of London. Of grown men being found dead in their beds.
Drained like an old wine skin.
The moment I looked into her eyes and saw her smile.
I knew I had been beguiled by her beauty and charm.
My desires to have her overwhelmed my every thought.
Several nights in succession she appeared in my bedchamber.
Fulfilling my wildest desires, far above anything my tutors had explained.
My weakness and paleness was noticed by my Mother the Queen.
The Royal Physician was summoned.
He was certain all of my symptom were from the flu.
Known to be running wild within the city, and the smell of the river
Thames was to blame.
Orders were given and we would be moving to the Country Palace tomorrow.
My last night in the city of London, she returned to my bedchamber.
I spoke to the Royal Physician about my dreams and what,
had been going on in my bedchamber.
I was questioned by my Father the King.
After the terrible plague that swept through the city.
We returned to London and we took up residence in the Royal Palace.
I inquired about the young maiden, Mary was her name.
She was taken to the Tower to be questioned
I was told she confessed to being a Witch, and she and many other young women were stealing Souls for their Master Satan.

October 23,2016

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