As if It were a dream, 11-09-16

As if it were a dream
That started with
An overwhelming scent

One that compelled
Me to go in search
of its origin

I traced it to a work
Of art veiled in a
Sheer cloth sitting
Upon a pedestal

art model on Unsplash

That allowed me to
view the true beauty
of a woman’s form

I drew away the veil
As my mind
spoke out loud

Praising her beauty
and my love for
this woman as
I stood in awe

She came alive with
A simple kiss

Slowly I began
to again to speak
of her beauty

And with each word
she began a
silent dance

Each movement revealing
the desire I felt for this
beautiful woman before me

I breathed in her scent
Overwhelmed by the
beauty of the moment

As I watched each
movement teasing
and taunting me

To the depth of my soul
Fueled by a hands off

Drawing the anticipation
Of the beauty I so enjoy

Culminating into the
Bliss our love affords

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