Brat, a series revolving around one horse. September 7, 2018

” her icy scent “
Our voices crossed as the sixth moon waned
uniting old souls two ancient lovers
from eons long past
The dreams began on a midsummers night
when this spirit of the night rides her stallion
in the pale moonlight amidst the waves they ride
splashing along the shores for she and Brat
were born to be one
Her people still run with the wolf and are
bound to the pack as all were born to be one
Her people still soar with the eagle
traversing the heavens were born to be one
long before the coming of the horse
on moonless night with Star’s for light
she rides like the wind
high amongst the mountain trails
My spirit of the night will come to me
at the chilling hour my covers are warm
she will lay her head upon my chest
her lips like ice her body near froze
she will snuggle in close
our hearts will beat as one
till her lips be warm
her icy scent lingering through dawn
as we were born to be one

” a horse at full run “
from the moment we met
from the choice of her words
I knew of her passion
I knew of her song
I knew when she came into my dreams
I knew of the depth of the of the love that she held
As I listened to a melody of a horse at full run
As I heard each breath both hers and her Brat’s
I breathed in the aroma of both her and her Brat’s
I felt each beat of their magnificent hearts
As he pounded the earth with his idling hoof
The smell of dried earth and that of his sweat
She calmed her great child with a song and a pat
We rode until dawn to a melody of a horse at full run

” with you always “
I woke to a world shrouded in darkness
the coldness spoke of the predawn hours
my mind as it always does went in search
of you
I found you sleeping snuggled within covers
a gentle kiss upon your cheek a I love you
whispered in your ear as you gently stirred
I found you high upon Brat’s back
the wind in your face your hair in motion
heard the tempo of hoof’s beating
to the rhythm of your heart
You rode from the early morning right
on through the moonlit night
I found you in the shower felt the warmth
as the water flowed over your skin
Breathed in the moistened air filled with the scent
of your shampoo as you lathered your hair
Smiled as I counted the number of outfits you
passed over
Settling on which one you would wear to church
Watched as you blushed my bad for sending you
a suggestive email
While you were in God’s House
And you prayed for the good of both of us
And as I see you smiling now reading this
and knowing how much
I love you and am with you always

” a sound growing fainter “
from afar there is a sound growing closer
a rhythmic pounding matching the beat
in my chest.
The sound intensifies the closer they get
my breathing increases in anticipation.
The pounding stops with a loud thump
outside my door a loud snort
followed by the softness of her
voice, thanking Brat.
As I stepped through the doorway Brat bowed
as she dismounted into my open arms.
My hand brushing Brat’s cheek her ride
through the moonlight having chilled
her face as her cold ear is
pressed against my chest.
As the sound and feel of her own heart
matched the beat within my chest
a kiss upon the top of her head.
As Brat nudges us, snorting in anguish
wanting to run in the chill of the night air.
A kiss upon her forehead, one upon her nose,
another upon her lips as a duel erupts between
lips and tongues.
Brat nudging once again, before bowing
for us to mount a mere moment passes
as three hearts began to beat as one
in the pounding tempo of four mighty hoof’s.
As we rode towards dawn a sudden chill
awakened me as I reached for covers
in a half empty bed.
A breath of cold air followed as my fingers
felt frost upon my hair and eyebrows,
my upper lip.
My lips felt soft and smooth
from those long deep kisses
from lips tasting of Cherry lip balm
as my mouth seemed filled with cotton
parched from a midnight run.
From afar there is a sound growing fainter.


#horses, #love, # passion

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