” the pieces “

from an unlikely

one who never

what a treasure
he had come

in bits and pieces
shards that cut

intrigued by the
mind behind all
of the pieces

a few of the pieces
tiny slivers

are imbedded under
and into my skin

further attempts to
remove them

has pushed them
deeper within

as if they found
a home

and are not
willing to leave

as more and more
have arrived

assembling and

has at times
been an arduous

as pieces reveal
how they had been
used and abused

neglected and
never respected

although they
appear broken
even damaged

each piece has
been remodeled
into it’s own
unique shape

an integral part
of an even more
unique person

as more pieces
become available

the true value
the true worth
the mind behind
all the pieces

is the true treasure
that emerges from
the pieces 

unclear /unknown

#passion, #love, #healing

September 13, 2014

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