” another rewrite “

that woman from
passion’s play

known by
many names

her hair
is always dark
always long
always beautiful
tangled or not

her eyes
a hue of brown
always inviting

her height
her shape
her walk

always akin
though eons pass

that beguiling laugh
with melting smile

those lips of red
virginity’s allure

images dance through
boudoir’s and kisses

as memory’s serve
from eons past

a twisted heel
a balanced catch
a velvet touch

as eyes embrace
in scent’s release
fated lovers
star crossed
and doomed
a tragic end

voices in an
avian choir

accolades end
the temporal
beat fades

deep within an
ember awaits

another rewrite
to passion’s play

that spin upon
forbidden fruit

bitten onto
encore upon encore

#passion, #soulmates, #love

September 12, 2014

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