” this blessing of love “

In the wee morning hours of a midsummer day I felt her rise 

from our bed the sound of the door that leads to our garden.

As I rested on my elbows I realized she had not dressed

I wandered to the kitchen in search of coffee.

Waiting for it to brew I stood at the door and watched as she 

moved in the beauty of a time in fabled a garden long ago 

when we walked in Grace.

I stood and marveled at the sight of her as the birds flew 

around her landing in her hands sipping at the morning dew 

dripping from flowers she touched and breathed in their fragrance.

As I listened to the gurgle of now brewed pot breathed in the 

fragrance of freshly brewed coffee.

No it can wait this is her moment,  I can wait for I may never 

be so blessed for I have witness Eve as she walked in the garden

and I will hold her in my arms like no other since.

For I have lived this blessing of love.

#love, #mornings, #coffee, #withcupinhand


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