” her Icy scent “

our voices crossed
as the sixth moon

uniting old souls
like friends from
the past

our dreams began
on a mid summer

for she is a
spirit of the night

as she rides her
stallion in the pale

amidst the waves
splashing along the

for she and Brat
born to be one

her people still
run with the wolf

bound to the pack
born to be one

soar with the
eagle traversing
the heavens

long before the
coming of the

on moonless night
with Star’s for light

she rides like
the wind

high amongst the
mountain trails

my spirit of the night
will come to me

at the chilling hour
my covers are warm

she will lay her
head upon my chest

her lips like ice
her body near froze

she will snuggle
in close

our hearts will
beat as one

till her lips
be warm

her icy scent

through dawn 

#horse, #moonlight, #ocean, #love


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