” as I lay here “

Watching you sleep.
Watching your chest , as it raises and lowers with each breath.
I noticed your eyes moving rapidly behind your closed lids.
I smiled as I thought of how much I admire what those eyes see.
Watched your lips as they formed a smile.
As I remembered the first time I was captivated by that smile.
Thought about our first kiss, and the first breaths we shared.
I was blown away by the memories flooding through my mind.
Places we made a point of kissing one another.
Watching as you stirred, rolling over and snuggling up close.
Your eyes have open, an “ I’m cold” in your softest whisper
As you laid your head upon my chest.
Our naked bodies touching as l pulled the covers over us.
Feeling your warm breath upon my chest.
Are hearts slowly syncing
As l felt a smile forming across my my face.
Kissing the top of your head.
Remembering more times than l can possibly count.
The times I have done just that.
And as l drifted off to sleep.
I thought about looking into those beautiful eyes.
The softness of those beautiful lips, when I kiss them.
The sound of your voice, as you tell me about your day.
And as long as l can do those three things.
How happy l will be. 

#love, #passion, #admiration


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