” as he knew it would “

“ the first time ever I saw your face “

I knew when I heard this line in a song 

for the first time it was you, 

you were the face I thought of, 

the first image to emerge 

from the depths of my very soul it was you.

I know that there are very few who believe 

in soulmates let alone the idea of having 

loved one another in times past. 

What do they know, they have yet to accept 

the concept of his consciousness. 

I know that I felt something this morning, 

something that compelled me to look 

as you passed.

I knew even in the instance it was you 

as time stopped for us to reunite and know 

that which we had longed for was real.

And our journey to find each other has another clue 

from which we can once again be in each 

other’s arms.

I cannot wait to hear your voice and listen 

to all that you have been through since 

our last encounter.

And I have missed the many excursions we have 

know and shared in our countless duels 

in twisted sheets.

I believe more than any of the times we have 

shared it is coffee in the mornings as we 

watched the Sun rise.

And witnessed the embrace of light and darkness both 

morning and night.

I know that many do not believe that when light 

emerged from darkness and it was love at first sight.

Just as he knew it would be.

Artist: Roberta Flack

Songwriters: Ewan Maccoll

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face lyrics © Royalty Network


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