” an edible and delicious “

They use to call it a twinkle
but that’s a bit old school even for me.
With her it’s always a gleam
what’s a gleam you might ask
well a gleam in her eyes means.
She is writing another of our exotic adventures
one for sure to be erotic filled with all of the
unbelievable passion she can create,
within the inner recesses of that incredible
mind of hers.
When she begins to smirk,
it is my hint that she has finished
the choreographics of our soon to be enacted
One in which she knows that other women
will stew in envy and blush over our little trice
within this grassy field.
And maybe one day someone will come up with
an edible and delicious tasting sunscreen.

#love,#passion, #adventuress


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