With Cup In Hand

“ Ossature “
Over coffee this morning as I
went through my emails and
found my word of the day.
Ossature the arrangement of bones
in the skeleton or a body part.
I set back and began the process of
determining how I might use the word
in poetry.
I always begin with the way the word
rolls off my tongue,
does it flow well with other words
is it a hard or soft sound.
Does it resonate well?

I set back and sipped on my coffee as images
began to flow through my still awakening mind.
And of course they turned to her
and how I might make use of the term.

As I closed my eyes I heard the the creak
of our hardwood floor and gentle slap
of her feet as she entered the room.
My eyes opened to find her walking towards
me as I marvel, first at her beauty messy hair
and all no makeup, just her true beauty.
And then the beauty of her form each step
each movement,
her natural gait captured my attention
no doubt due to the word of the day.
The magnificent ossature that makes her,
her for she is a beauty to behold.
Our eyes crossed as she past my
“ good morning beautiful “ went unanswered,
as she moved towards the kitchen
and her first cup of coffee.
The sound of the cabinet door opening and
closing to the sound of cup gently colliding
with the counter followed by her efforts
to maneuver the coffee pot the swish of coffee
being poured along with its rich aroma
filling the room.
The refrigerator door opening as she
searched for her creamer.
The door closing as she opened a drawer
for a spoon followed by sugar bowls ceramic
lid being placed on the counter.
The clang of the metal spoon stirring the cup.
And then the spoon being dropped into the sink.
I could hear her draw in a breath
as the aroma of her coffee approached her nose
and then that first sip drew a sigh of pleasure.
I continued in my pleasure of each of her
movements, and though I had seen them
more times I could count at the moment.
She continued to stand there sipping
on her coffee, with each sip she
became more and more awake.
I then heard a “ good morning handsome “
along with the sound of her feet as stepped
across the floor in my direction.
Followed by the touch of her hand
on the back of my head as it slid onto
my neck and shoulder.
She paused just long enough for me
o breathe in her scent,
before continuing her walk back towards
our bedroom.
And as she did, she lifted the back
of her nighty to reveal the absence
of something and allow me to partake
of the movement of those beautiful cheeks.
Now before I violate Our Community Standards,
I will stop and thank those responsible
for the word of the day.
As I continue to marvel at all of the beauty
and movements of especially
a woman’s ossature
and even more by it’s covering. 

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  1. Thank you, for reading and liking my poetry.


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