” the pull of love “

I remember sitting at my desk and wondering
do I really want to be here
Here was a newly started group of poets
added without my knowledge or consent
By a neanderthal of sorts a person
I had already considered removing as friend
I do not recall how long I thought about it
contemplated the whys I should leave
and not get involved
In the end it was not her doing and I
I could not hold her accountable
for someone else’s actions
So I stayed it was a new beginning
a different direction
a place to share my poetry
such that it was
as it is now, still evolving
And that neanderthal of sorts
well he did not last very long
a matter of days
Behavior that led to his extinction
and my evolution
And an unexpected excursion
into the arms of love
I read somewhere that we do not
choose love
love chooses us
And despite
the ups and downs,
the in’s and out’s
the never again’s
Love has and generates
its own field of gravity
and once one is captured
within that field of gravity
one can never escape
the pull of love 

#love, #passion


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