” the beauty of dance “

I watched as the prudish ones
danced in the morning chill
in the ever ebbing winds of Autumn
Their gowns forever green always dark
never changing a remnant of the once
great void their edges forever smooth
Ever so slowly the naked posers
reveal themselves a limb here a limb there
How marvelous they appear still posed
like one of Degas Ballerinas
In their grandiose color they allow
all of us to breathe
I so enjoy the way they dance
in the early morning breeze a
gentle waving as if to say hello
As the day meanders on the
ever changing tempo flows into a
more exotic movement always climaxing in
the fiery rant of a more fabulous performance
before collapsing into silence
All of this as I sit marveling
at the shapes and shades of their
limbs serenaded by an avian a carpella
as I sip on my tea and just breathe
my mind adrift in the beauty of their dance 

#trees, #wind, #breeze #seasons


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