” it all starts anew “

She has this way about her
and it’s so much more than
a simple playfulness
I could not help but notice
the first time we met it was,
It was a resemblance that
is what was a resemblance
Not a deja vu moment
not something familiar
I knew her everything about her
and she knew it as well
right down to her birthmark
An inconspicuous place
one requiring a high level intimacy
The last time we were lovers
there was war going on
but then when isn’t there
We both wore rings then
morals were different then
somethings were still taboo
I knew when I first saw her
even then I knew of her birthmark
How many times before that
I do not know
I do not care
However long we have
for however long we can
until we have again
Only three things never change
Her eyes
Her birthmark
And when our eyes cross
We know and it all starts anew 

#soulmates, #pastlives, #love, #passion


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