” from which our love “

the rain pelted the window panes
as this old house moaned against the wind
and for just a moment I forgot about how
the floor creaks when one steps just so
yes she knew I stood within the shadows
slowly she pulled at her dress
revealing those beautiful legs
as she set reading the words
written from my thoughts
of my making love to her
the way my hands glided
across her curves
how they dance within the
crevices of her thighs
the way her body moved as I spoke
out in letters between sips of wine
and listened to the pleasures of her sighs
between the gust wind
there was a momentary silence
I wondered was it my breathing or hers
but then I noticed that Intoxicating poison
its all she wears and she knows
the effect it has upon me
in that moment she turned and looked at me
she rose and with one sultry step after another
she walked towards me and into my arms
as are lips engage in a duel of passion
from which our love could not surrender

#rainynights, #passion, #kisses, #poetry, #sultry

October 26, 2018


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