” coffee First “

It’s 3 am, its the first of the autumnal chills
through an open window its presence now felt
She has snuggled in close
her head upon my chest
it has stirred deep
within her soul
Her nails are at play across
my chest
my stomach
I am awaken by her touch
She has this one little spot
on the back of her left thigh
a very sensitive spot
a forehead kiss will follow
As our passion ignites
she drift back into her dreams
and I will
I will go in search of some hot coffee
a pencil and some paper
I listened to the Owl calling its mate
heard the Crows complain of their presences
As I rewrote line after line
my mind wrapped around her
She heard the owl as well
and came in search of coffee and me
where you find one you find the other
She found me in our breakfast nook
sat across from me and began to play footsie
between sips of coffee her eyes smiling
the cup hiding her smirk
feeling the effects of her toes at play
“ I will let you lather me up and wash my hair “
“ shall I will race you to the shower “
behind her smiling eyes and her tickling toes
I knew it was coffee first
as I thank God for
autumnal chills
Sunday Mornings
and her 

#poetry, #writing, #autumn, #SundayMornings, #3am


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