” to immense “

there comes a moment
when she is missing from me.
Sometimes it is like a cold breath
on my neck when no one is there.
Sometimes it is a voice in the wind
calling me home.
Sometimes it is a euphoric moment
she is sharing with me from those
beautiful eyes as she sits
sipping on her ho coffee.
Upon her her balcony as she looks
back through the generations
who lived there within their glenn
in the mountains of Tennessee.
Sometimes I will feel a smile forming
for no apparent reason.
I have learned that she and I
have a chemistry something that comes
from two who share a love
that cannot be explained.
A comfort, a familiarity that at first
came upon me in a frightening way.
Something I had never felt a love
I had not known within my years.
A love that I would not want to live without
as the pain would be to immense
to have her missing from me.

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