” Chey, Chey’s Bunny “

“Chey’-Chey’s Bunny”
With cup in hand I met the latest member of our family,
she set there all alone enjoying her breakfast
of fresh petals that surrounded her.
As I thought to myself about a certain Princess
who would love to have you as a pet?
“ Now where did you come from on this beautiful morning “
“ I don’t recall seeing you before or any other
bunnies in gardens of Tara.”
“ I hear tell that people and animals come into our lives
because they are suppose too.”
“ Why our youngest Princess with have fun with all of
her sisters coloring and decorating eggs and making
nests for all of the family to enjoy Easter morning. “
“ I do believe you will be a welcome addition to our
loving family here at Tara. “
“ I wonder what she is going to name you.

February 28, 2020

#children, #bunnyrabbits, #pets

Creative Commons

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