” as she lay sleeping “

As she lay sleeping within our dreams
as we criss cross the cosmos in our
never ending pursuit of the voice.
The one we feel more than we hear…
The one that brings down to earth…
The one that lifts us into the on high…
As she lay sleeping I will sense her silence
it is my time to reflect to recall to remember
that twinge of smile she brings out of me.
I will feel a smile forming upon my face,
for no apparent reason
a sparkle within my eyes.
I have learned that it is that magic
for lack of another word
the magic of love.
It might be a wildflower she has not seen
in a while or Doe with a new Fawn
or another of her Barn Cats
with new litter trailing behind her.
She might be sitting on her balcony
wrapped in her GrandMa’s quilt
in her GrandMa’s Rocker watching
the clouds as move about from
her mountain perch.
While she writes poetry within her mind
and makes me smile a thousand miles away.
As she lays sleeping I am thankful
for my blessing both for her and the gift
from my Lord the one we both share.
That magic that comes with love…


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