” and may our quack, quacks be dammed “

My head tells me that the quarantines,
and the social distancing are for our own good.
Let the quack quacks be damned
for my heart yearns for you.
And despite the clutter of loneliness
my love for you overwhelms my head.
As the images of you now carry the letters
we have written one another
and in my madness if that is what it be.
So be it for my soul longs too touch you,
to caress you once again
too hold you close to me.
Too feel the warmth of your breath upon my chest.
Too feel the beat of hearts as the blend into one.
Too see the love in your eyes.
Too see that beautiful smile each morning.
I miss the way you turn your head
so, that I will kiss your forehead.
And if I am, mad, then at least my madness
be the display of the love we have shared.
And may, our quack quacks be damned.
#love, # passion, 


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