” That Chocolate Kiss “

My eyes implode as the argument commences…
My taste buds are the first to speak,
As they cry out in “ yes, yes, yes… “
My stomach speaks next with “ you and I will be sorry… “
My soul follows with “ okay but only one… “
My heart asks for “ more… “
My soul conceded and said “ three… “
The soul’s answers the stomach,
“ That’s why we keep ginger in the house, just to appease you… “
The arguments subside with the first bite…
The heart “ moans… “
As the taste buds release a near orgasmic “ scream… “
My soul asks for “ coffee… “
Finally there is peace, as all of my senses pause in silence…
With each bite…
With each sip…
A silent “ thank you God “
Ending with “ Amen “
Comes from deep within my soul… 

February 2, 2021

#food, #cookies, #cures

origin unknown

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