” Islands In The Sky “

With cup in hand I stepped outside to find myself,
walking about on islands in the sky.
I found there were clouds all around me.
And my coffee had grown cold.

It was then that I woke in my half full bed.
It was just a dream,
I only remember she wore a dress with spaghetti straps.
It was white and pastel yellow.

She had short reddish brown hair.
Her scent was divine.
Her voice was strong and pleasant.
I did not glimpse into the depths of her soul.

But I remember her eyes,
they were that shade of blue
the one that comes on the cusp of Winter.
I believe it was her smile that captured my heart.

Yes it was but a dream.
There are no Islands in the clouds.
And yet I look forward to seeing her again.
In another of my lucid dreams.

I believe in waves, you see.
And somehow are waves crossed in the night. 

#frequencies, #waves, #memories,#dreams

origin unknown

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