your beauty

I set and listened to the gentle rhythm flow from ivory keys and the strum of strings. As I thought of Summer rains, cloudless skies, and starry nights. And when my eyes found you. My head and my heart began to dream and share their view’s of you. Even argue over fate and kindred spirits, and all those places poets drift in and out of. I began to sketch every inch of you within the recesses of my words. Turned the trees of Autumn jealous, and the Sun erupted. When they heard the way the light danced upon your hair. The Universe fumed as I erased all the straight lines. Until they saw you in the moonlight and fell into a silent awe that echoed through the starry night. As the others learned of your beauty, one which they had never known.
For they had never known the sense of your touch. Never knew the taste of lips. Never knew how soft your skin could be. Never knew that sense of weakening knees. Never knew that joy could erupt into tears. Never knew that kisses and dueling tongues, could release such passion.
I drew you with contours that caused Sun to linger, never wanting to see leave its sight. And most of all how the Moon would stand still and enjoy your beauty, and race to return each month. But then I have your beauty locked within my heart and have you to myself.



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