oh, to be in Camelot

long ago in the time of man
when chivalry reigned

sorcery battled to and fro
dragons and unicorns filled the land

a lady was honored
and virtues were kept

a sword in stone
a lady of the lake

fate was chosen by birth
lives ruled by incantation

jousting with feasting
round table and empty chairs

the fabled grail
quest ruled the heart

legends arose only to die
as all pass with time

in the heart’s of man
lives anon and evermore

There exists no historic or archaeological record of Camelot or Arthur or the Grail. there are some who believe a tale about Jesus’s teenage years, and a Sea Merchant of that day by the name of Joseph of Arimathea, who allowed his tomb to be used for the burial of Christ, for Joseph of Arimathea was allowed to sail to the Isle of Gaul, and the coasts of what we call England and France. Roman records do have a listing for a man of this name who engaged in sea travel and business.
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origin unknown

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