Winter Walk

As the Sun caresses

the icy tops of the

tree’s bringing a foggy

mist to this solemn day

A gentle breeze induces

a cascading of icicles

breaking the golden silence

as a shiver races the spine

The pounding in your ears

intensifies as your heart rev’s

up feeding a desire to run

The heavy breathing adds

to the mist as the steam

fog’s the eye’s on this

misty morning walk

A owl screeches in anger

at your presence’s and

another shiver race’s

up your spine

The urge to run brings

a smile and a laugh to

your numbing lips

A miss step finds you

spitting frozen dirt and snow

from your now bleeding lips

A struggle to rise your

knees as each move slips

you back down onto the trail

You scramble to regain

your composer as the

pounding in your ears

intensifies even greater

Your heart and breathing

racing ever upward as the

desire to run has you

sliding on your feet

Your quickened pace now

laughing at your fear

Buried in the sound was that

the wind howling or a wolf

in the distance shadows

move as the watering eyes

and steam from your breath

dances across the eyes

Fumbling for your keys

with hands in gloves

racing against the

heavy breathing and

pounding heart

Door now shut as

your breathing settles

to the warmth of a

mug in your hands

As the split lip brings

forth a giggle following

the ouch as the

warmth of a fire at

your back removes

the morning shivers

All the while glancing

out the window as

the shadows dance

across the trail

and tomorrows

Winter walk
#Winter snow, #morning run, #fear

artist unclear/unknown

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