one last dance

as the showers came early

jet lagged and delayed

three fingers of jack

a shadowed table in back

silence was needed

she started to play

each key brought a ripple

summoning forth her face

synapse recapturing moments

a seemingly endless loop

each key rippling backward

to another time and place

Blue Moon in the District

another hole in the wall

Blue Lagoon along the Strip

her laughter, those eyes

her smile, sent shadows fleeing

her scent, mystifyingly orient

a tear splashes into two fingers

rippling the tempo, smooth going down

another three finger, ” you gotta have “

ripples flowing to the sultry tune

barefootin in the sand, nipples extending

fragrance clinging, her dress at her thighs

lights shimmering ripples caught with each key

another tear splash’s into three fingers

silencing the ripples, fanatically now seeking

those lips revealed as the horn comes away

hidden eyes, cane speaking, how revealing

so many eyes, lost in their ripples

last swallow as smooth as the first

quietly dancing towards the large sniffer

a tempo unparted ” thank You “

” thank you for one more dance,with my dearly departed…”
#old haunts, #memories#lost loves 

origin unclear

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