in the sticky dew

an endless grey on

a sunless morn

the mist clings like

honey upon ones


elephant ears hang

low sated in the tears

of the angels

as if a painter had

lost his mind with

the color purple

for the banks be awash

in splotches both

wild and free

rocks gurgling by as the

deep throaty serenade

carries afar this early morn

from toad to toad or so it be

stroking legs like strings

upon the violin it’s beauty

for those who listen

as crickets seem to do

ker-plunk as the ripples

flows away fading afar

till ker-plunk as the

ripple flows

splash as the fly

stepped to heavy

now at sleep

with the fishes

from a high a gentle

swoosh leaves the

silence awash in

a falling shower

as birds not a few

squawk while shaking

feathers and pruning be

leaves dancing likes keys

upon the piano in rhythms

few will hear the melody

in the sticky dew of early morn
#early #morning, #citypark,#rain

origin unknown

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