farther and farther away

I closed my eyes

and listened

A maestro appeared

baton in hand

With a sweeping

of his hands

A drum roll began

the sound seemed

far away with a

growing intensity

It seem like a

gazillion triangles

being struck in union

The rhythm and

tempo ebbed

and flowed

in great beauty

The cymbals followed

very soft at first

growing in complexity

with an exciting tempo

In the final moments

thousands of chimes

played slow and softly

I thought of the bells

high up in the tower

of a great cathedral

As it moved farther

and farther away

When I opened

my eyes

I stood beneath

a large tree

it’s canopy

protecting me

from the

dwindling rain

As my eyes turned

towards heaven

I heard the

drops of rain

as they slid

from one leaf

onto the leaf

below it

In a melody

of pleasing


As the drum roll

moved farther

and farther away.
#rain#thunder#nature #sounds

origin unknown

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