Through The Eon’s

I find her

in the silence

She is there

within my


Each and every time

I looked into those

beautiful eye’s

I am captivated as

I was the first time

Ever so slowly

her dimples


Within the beauty

of her smile

From the depths

of my soul

My senses inhale

the beauty of

her scent

Like a breath

of Heaven

The taste of

her lips in

our never ending

duel of tongues

As we wrestle

amidst the

twisted sheets

Our moistened

bodies adding

to the pleasures

As the aroma


the sense’s

As I seek

the silence

more and more

As I listen

for her voice

As Il listen

for my name

Through the eon’s

we have loved

Through the eon’s

each and every time

Through the eon’s

we meet again

Through the eon’s
our souls are one
internet photo

I was very lucky to find this photo, seeing I wrote this piece

before coming across it. The clouds and the veil add to the mystery.

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