Three Days In June

twas a gathering of friends

no summer that year

Lac Leman, shrouded in rain

in spine chilling parlor

horrors were shared

blood letting undead’s

human tissue’s rebirth

tales of woe, did spread

creeping across the channeled shore

on a gray and misting night

legends grew of poetic prose

the pond held, the mist no more

from horrors shared

with friends of yore

have alas come ashore

In the month of June in the year 1816, the year without a summer, Lord Byron, John Polidori, Percy and Mary Shelley, and Claire Clairmont. Gathered near Lake Geneva, and told tales of horror to entertain one another over the course of three days of rain. From these tales many of the horror stories we have enjoyed were born.
#authors, # horror stories, #Mary Shelly 

June 13, 2013

of unknown origin

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