” Tears Of The Father “

a daughter of Heaven

from the beginning

of time was loved

by the Father

now Lucifer desired

the daughter of Heaven

whose love of the Father

revealed the darkness

of his soul

from that darkness grew

the revenge of hate

as he glimpsed the love

in her eyes for the

creation in His image

from the heavens he

plotted the fall of man

and watched as the

daughter of Heaven

fell into the arms

of a son of the earth

In the wafting hours

before dawn as the

cold of dark descends

upon the earth

the time for forbidden

lovers to meet in

a hidden glen

as the son of the earth

would drift into the

slumber of bliss

the daughter of Heaven

as the first rays of

sunlight would

break in the dawn

she would

take flight in the

form of a swan

transforming in the

misting ray’s of the

early dawn to the

daughter of heaven

afar from the eyes

of sons of the earth

the disciples of Lucifer

grew bold in their lust

for the daughters of man

and taught the forbidden arts

to the sons of the earth and

with the use of the bow

the screams of a

shattered heart echoed

into the hollowed

pillars of Heaven

and the tears

of the Father

covered the Earth

June 4,2013

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