Nature Wins

I sat in awe


once upon a time

this was

someone’s dream

I thought about

how it looked

in all it’s


I thought about

walking up it’s


walking through

it’s door

climbing a spiral


I thought about

the people

who lived here

I thought about

their lives

I thought about

when it was


the tools

being used

I thought about

the hardships

endured in the

building of

this home

I thought about

the differences

of the people

those who lived

in this place

those who

cleaned and

cared for

this place

I thought about

the history of

this place

the war’s

nature’s wrath

failed economies

and fires

I thought about

man his


his ego

How he has tried

to tame the land

and the wind

and the sea

And yet in

the end

Nature Wins

origin unknown

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