My Darling

The bountiful snow we have had this winter has all but melted away and the spring rains have come and are more than our favorite lake can handle and has swollen her banks and have taken our favorite bench, at least for now. So, my love, I will have to make do with sitting on our loveseat and compose you some lovely poems from here in the house. It’s been a bit lonely since you went to be with our Lord, but it seems he has some reason for me to stay behind. Our friends from Church call and stop by to visit more now so I am not all alone, the nights are the worst, especial not having your warm body and cold feet next to me. Seems funny, I should miss them cold feet, being I complained so much about them all those years we were together. This morning I walked around the lake and took some bread and corn to the Swan’s, there seems to be more this year I will have to remember to bring more food tomorrow. The color of the lake was that shade of blue you like so well, that scarf you always wore, and the sky’s reflection was on the lake the way you always liked it. The tree’s looked not so bare reflecting in the water, and if you look real close you can make out the trees are starting to bud. The grass is already that nice shade of green, from all the rain, you know that color my favorite shirt, the one you said brought out the color in my eye’s. If it’s alright with you, my love, I will stop, for now, the Angel’s are using my eye’s again because a man’ not suppose to cry. And maybe tomorrow the water will have gone down and I will be able to sit on our bench and read you so more of my poems. I love you and will write tomorrow.

The photo reminded me of Green Lake in Seattle, Washington. I lived there twice for a total of eight years, back in the 1970s. It brought back memories of friends and family and their passing.

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