like ripples upon a pond

a simple glimpse

that corner

of the eye

it began

enthralled with

each breath

enamor with

each beat

lost to an




by a mere


unable to quell

a burning desire

ignited passion

seconds linger as

this sensuous image

slowly smolders

her eyes kindle

a flame

deep within

silence engulfs

the heart strings

perform a

melodic tempo


beat by beat

adrift in the vast


of the mind

a line in the sand

drawn by sanity

lays ignored

as sunlight flickers

upon her hair

as she walks

upon the seashore

her fragrance lingers

in her passing

her taste from that

first imagined kiss

her response

to your lips

as they caress

her skin

with every sigh

the obsession


with each throb

sounds of silence


time and space drift

further and further


lost into the

insanity of love

as thoughts end

in twisted sheets

the sound of your

name rips at the

fabric of reality

a moment torn


the sounds of silence


those moments fading

like ripples upon a pond

In the novel Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova, her character becomes obsessed by a woman in portrait hanging in a museum.
Art by Anna Razumovskaya
#love, # obsession, #mental illness 

Art by Anna Razumovskaya

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