a tired old mind

As the flashes lit

the darkened sky

Wave upon wave

washed the old


Ancient drums

pounded out

a tempo

The winds died

as a slow drizzle

bathed the land

From afar a

whistle blew

As thoughts of

old stogies and

trailers for rent …

Flowed through

this tired old mind

The evening air

cooled as

the whistle

grew closer

And thoughts

of midnight

train ride

through the

peanut fields

of Georgia …

Played on

through my


The drizzle

settled with

the Sun

And turned

to a mist and

mist into a fog

That whistle

was much

closer now

Brought a

field to a blaze

and the moon’s

yellow haze …

As this tired

old mind tried

to make sense

of it all

As that whistle

was almost

a stones

throw away

I seemed to

remember how

love had been

good to me …

As this tired

old mind

drifted off

when I wore a

younger man’s
#train whistles #rain#music#lyrics …

unknow origin
  • As I wrote this I thought about some of my favorite songs over the years. The music and lyrics, and for some reason these lines and song always stood out’ Roger Miller, King of the Road “ I smoke old stogies I have found short and not too big around”“ trailer for sale or rent, rooms to let fifty cents ”Jim Weatherly, Midnight Train to Georgia original titled a Midnight Plane to Houston. McKuen, Jean : “the fields are a blaze in the moons yellow haze, come out of your dream Bonnie Jean ”Rod McKuen, Loves Been Good To Me, “ hiked a hundred highways and never found a home, still and all I’m happy the reason is you see once and awhile along the way love’s been good to me, there was a girl in Denver she could laugh away the dark clouds and smile away the tears ”Billy Joel, Piano Man “ Piano Man please play me a song tonight, it was sad and it was sweet and i knew complete when I wore a younger mans clothes I flipped some of the lyrics around to fit the mood.

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